About The Mobile Garden

The Mobile Garden workstation is constructed in polypropylene; a durable, light weight and non-perishable material which requires no maintenance.

The main, circular, planting tray of The Mobile Garden is 1.2 meters in diameter and 15cm deep with drainage holes in the base and a central divider.

The planting tray will hold 160 litres of compost and is mounted on a holding tank which, when plants are watered collects the excess to keep water self contained within the unit (this also ensures that a seated gardener remains dry).

The collected water can be emptied at a convenient point later or recycled and re-used via the outlet tap.

The whole unit stands on four heavy duty casters (two of which are lockable) with a total payload of over 280kgs, which is substantially larger that the weight of a fully planted garden.

If the unit is utilised for multiple users, it can accommodate the inclusion of 12 multi coloured allotments with easy access handles and removable labels for names or information to be written on. These allotments provide a planting area of approximately one square foot so that children can care for their own individual garden.